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I teach a unique approach to a ketogenic diet optimized specifically for rapid weight loss.

 No more thinking there is something wrong with YOUR body. Darling, you’re just putting Kia food into your Maserati.

No more being befuddled by conflicting advice.

My approach works so quickly that you will be in fat burning ketosis within days and know you’ve finally found the holy grail.

No more counting, calculating, obsessing, and pulling your hair out. Stress doesn’t become you my dear and it slows your weight loss down anyway.

Most of the stress on your body can be alleviated by simply dialing in what you’re eating and sliding effortlessly into ketosis.

Lean in love, and let me tell you why you’re struggling…

A low carb, high fat ketogenic diet as we know it today was originally designed as a very effective treatment for epilepsy in the 1920’s. 

It has the side effect of weight loss for some as it’s taught today… but for the rest of us…. we struggle to achieve the nirvana of weight loss with ketosis and wonder what in the world is wrong with us.

The good news…. there’s not a thing wrong with us, we just have to use some common sense and basic science to dial in the diet for success and that’s where I come in.