About Us

Are you struggling to live a low carb lifestyle? Is ketosis alluding you? Weight loss non existent? Are those carb cravings going to be the death of you? I get ya sister, I was there too. I’m still on my own journey but I’ve learned some huge things along the way that I’d like to share with you.

Hello friend, I’m Michelle Rankin and I’m thrilled you popped by.

I’m a wife, a mama, a mad lover of coffee, a terrible dancer, a big time foodie, an okay cook, a terrible housekeeper, an avid traveler, a cancer survivor, and a huge fan of putting my hands in the dirt and my toes in the sand.

Hummus and wine are my weaknesses, I dream of living where palm trees grow, and I love to sing loudly and totally out of tune.

I spent years struggling (and gaining weight) trying to figure out how to apply a low carb high fat lifestyle to my busy life.

I was frustrated, lost, hopeless, and completely confused as to why my metabolism seemed more broken than everyone else’s.

I was always on the sideline, waiting for the day I would start living – you know…. the day you feel comfortable in your own skin…

I was preoccupied by my size instead of my life – which was literally passing me by.

I stumbled upon the keys to losing weight on a low carb diet quite by accident.

Not one to keep anything to myself… I have made it my mission, using a unique approach to a low carb diet, to help women lose the weight (quickly), keep it off (for reals), and gain the confidence to rock their life (start dreaming love!).